Silicone Bottle Spoon Feeder

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Lisa was a new mom who wanted to feed her baby some solid food. She had heard that rice cereal was a good option, but she was worried about how to prepare it and feed it to her baby. She didn’t want to use a spoon that might hurt her baby’s mouth or a bottle that might choke her baby. She wished there was an easier way to feed her baby.

Then she discovered a product that solved her problem: a silicone bottle spoon feeder for newborn baby food supplement. She ordered it online and received it in a few days. She was amazed by how convenient and safe it was. The bottle was made of soft silicone, which was easy to squeeze and clean. The spoon was attached to the bottle, which made feeding more efficient and less messy. The spoon also had a hole that allowed the food to flow smoothly and evenly. The bottle had a scale that showed how much food was inside, and a cap that sealed the bottle when not in use.

Lisa prepared some rice cereal and filled the bottle with it. She gently squeezed the bottle and watched the cereal flow into the spoon. She then fed her baby with the spoon, which fit perfectly in her baby’s mouth. Her baby enjoyed the food and ate without any fuss. Lisa smiled and felt relieved. She had found the perfect product for her baby’s feeding needs.


Material: PP, Silicone (Non-toxic, BPA-free, sterilize safe)




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SQUEEZE CONTROL FEEDING BABY IS NOT AFRAID OF--The squeeze design can effectively exercise the child's self-feeding and easy to control the intake. Spoon feeder improves hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

ONE SPOONFUL OF NULTI-PURPOSE SUPPLEMENT--Suitable for rice cereal, fruit puree, vegetable puree, vegetable juice ,children's medicine and fluid food.

LEAKPROOF FLAPS FOR EASY CARRYING -- The food feeder come with a sealing cover to prevent food leakage and facilitate outdoor use. It also has dust cover to isolation dust.

SAFE AND HEALTHY MATERIAL--Baby food feeder is made of high-quality food grade PP+silicone. Non-toxic,BPA-free,sterilize safe,easy to clean and environment-friendly. Give your child a safe guarantee.

EASY REMOVABLE AND WASHABLE--Just put baby food dispening spoon in the water for clean and disinfect with boiling water.

Squeezing Feeding Bottle Silicone Newborn Baby Training Rice Cereal Food Spoon Supplement Feeder Safe Useful Tableware For Kids

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